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De website van de Belgische Vereniging voor Kindergeneeskunde is bedoeld om nuttige informatie te verstrekken aan iedereen die begaan is met de gezondheid van onze kinderen. Deze informatie en de aangeboden acties voor de volksgezondheid situeren zich rond 5 hoofdthema's die de belangrijkste missies van de BVK vormen naar kinderen en hun familie toe: voeding, hydratatie, preventie van infecties en besmettingen, hygiëne en vanzelfsprekend de stimulatie en psychomotorische ontwikkeling van kinderen.

Deze informatie wordt mogelijk gemaakt dankzij communicatiekanalen, ontwikkeld met de steun van onze partners: deze internetsite evenals een netwerk van meer dan 600 displays met brochures over onderwerpen in verband met de volksgezondheid. U kunt deze displays vinden in de wachtzaal van kinderartsen en op de afdelingen voor kindergeneeskunde.

Van de verschillende missies van de Belgische Vereniging voor Kindergeneeskunde is het hoofddoel van deze acties de gezondheid en het welzijn van kinderen te bevorderen. Aarzel niet om uw opmerkingen of suggesties mee te delen.

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World Prematurity Day 2020

In Memoriam - Samy Cadranel

On October 8th, 2020, Prof Dr Samy Cadranel left our world.

Scientists, colleagues, students, parents, children, but especially friends and his close family were overwhelmed with sadness. They looked back with gratitude, appreciation and respect on a man with multiple lives, a healer, a professor, a friend, a (grand) father, a husband, full of attention, inspiration and love for many of them.
His spontaneity, his diplomacy, his creativity, his dynamism, his sense of humor, his warm conviviality, his inexhaustible anecdotes will always remain with us.

For several decades he was one of the architects of Paediatrics in Belgium not only through his scientific work, his clinical activities, his countless discourses, but also as a stimulating, ever enthusiastic and tireless board member within the BVK / SBP and as editor-in-chief of the BJP. His constructive attitude and innovative ideas have supported and influenced many, not least the youngsters, in the development of their career and the pursuit of their profession.
Samy also played an essential role in the 70-80ies in the field of research in paediatric infectious diseases; he participated actively with the team of Prof JP Butzler (VUB) to the discovery of major ubiquitous infective agents of the gastrointestinal tract such as C Jejuni and Helicobacter.

In addition, Samy had a skill hidden to many of his colleagues: during many years he negociated with the big pharmas and the food industry in the name of the BSP allowing our society to obtain fundings for research and for the organization of the BSP annual congress. Thanks to Samy, research grants have been regularly distributed to Paediatricians and trainees in Paediatrics.

All he undertook was characterized with efficacy, creativity, generosity and panache.
It was an honor and privilege for many of us to have known and worked with him.
We have lost not only a brilliant master of Paediatrics, but also a master of life wisdom.
We will fill the void in our hearts with memories of a warm-hearted, passionate and highly erudite personality.

We share the grief of the family and convey our feelings of sincere and deep compassion especially to Mrs. Cadranel, the children and the grandchildren

Thanks, Samy!

on behalf of the board of the BVK / SBP and all Belgian paediatricians and trainees in pediatrics
Marc Raes
President BVK/SBP

Philippe Lepage
Past-president BVK/SBP

Obituary for Samy Cadranel

Samy, a great friend to many of us, left us on October 8th, 2020. Unfortunately, he had to accept one thing he had never accepted before: to lose a battle. Some of his favorite citations, "Quousque tandem?" and "courage, lets' go for it", perfectly illustrate his enormous willingness to bring everything to a good end. All but one. The crab inside him, as he called it, did win the struggle. In December last year, Samy reached the age of 80. Many will remember him still being very active and in good shape at the event organized for the celebration of his last birthday. In the name of ESPGHAN, we send his family our most sincere condolences.

We know Samy in ESPGHAN as the best diplomatic person, the bridge builder. Born in Tanger (Morocco), high school in Congo, university in Brussels: a citizen of the world. Sometimes we wondered which language he did not speak. His Facebook page mentions English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Tshiluba. He had such an incredibly creative mind. The 112 papers listed in Pubmed do not even begin to fairly summarize his contribution to science. He participated in the discovery of Campylobacyter jejuni. His unit was involved in many trials on hepatitis and ROTA vaccines. He was also involved in discovering novel culture methods of Giardia lamblia, and last but not least he was from the very beginning heavily involved in the Helicobacter pylori story. He was the first to describe nodular gastritis in children in 1979. He also developed protocols on caustic ingestions which are now used worldwide. He was a founding member of the European helicobacter Study Group and received the European Helicobacter study group Marshall and Warren award for achievements in gastroenterology and microbiology in Dublin 2011. He was also active in many other scientific societies. He loved to chat and to teach and was always happy to share his global encyclopedic knowledge.
Samy trained many of us as well as pediatricians from Belgium and abroad. He was capable of maintaining close personal friendships with all his former fellows, a manifestation of a mutual longstanding esteem. Once you met Samy, you were his friend for life. He could talk with you with similar expertise about politics, economy, religion, history or cuisine. He invited you to voice your opinion while he shared his. He was one of these are true free thinking people, with similar weight for "free" and "thinking".

He was the first paediatric gastroenterologist in Belgium, a pioneer in endoscopy, and created the Belgian Paediatric Gastro group in 1982. Samy remained active at all levels. The last 10 years, he invested a lot of energy in the Belgian Society of Paediatrics and especially the development of the Belgian Journal of Paediatrics.

ESPGHAN had a special place in his heart. He co-organized the 7th Annual Meeting in 1975, and organized, in collaboration with the Belgium Gastro Group, the 25th Annual Meeting. He was among the visionary leaders that first thought of the World Congress of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition. He has also always been very active in all endoscopy activities. He participated in many Summer Schools. During his ESPGHAN Presidency, the society was opened to young members and the JPGN contracts with the publisher were finalized. As said before, collaboration was his number one priority: as a consequence, he was involved behind the scenes in the organization of the First World Congress in 2000. He remained very active in ESPGHAN and was still a member of the Ethics Committee.

We and the entire ESPGHAN family will miss Samy and his ever positive stimulating creative spirit. But the ESPGHAN logo, his creation, will forever remind us of him.

Patrick Bontems, Carlo Di Lorenzo, Michelle Scaillon, Stephanie Van Biervliet, Yvan Vandenplas