Journal Club january 2022

The part with the review articles contains few (yet interesting) contributions about: CVID, PVL and rickets… But all of you should check out the opinion article on chickenpox (it is like: ‘a Dew Drop on a Rose Petal’).

In the part with the clinical studies you may find the answer to the following questions:

  • Is there more suicide risk in the adolescent population during the pandemic?
  • Is extreme prematurity linked with depression or ADHD in adolescence?
  • Is there an need for specific legislation on small magnets?
  • Is home-hospital care a cost-effective alternative to hospital care?
  • Does grade IV vesicoureteral reflux increase the odds of febrile recurrence of UTI?
  • How should we counsel our patients on mRNA COVID-19 vaccine-associated myopericarditis?
  • Are antibiotics administrated in very preterm infants associated with a higher risk of severe cerebral lesions?
  • Do asthma symptoms due to allergy to house dust mites impair children’s school attendance?
  • Is obesity also associated with severe COVID-19 in children?
  • Can a gastrointestinal PCR-panel reduce inappropriate AB prescription in cases with infectious diarrhoea?
  • Does dextrose gel influence the neonatal gut microbiome?
  • Do children with ASD have lower, average or higher IQs?
  • Can intranasally administered surfactant improve otitis media?

Selection for the Pediatric Journal Club: JANUARY 2022



The pediatric common variable immunodeficiency – from genetics to therapy: a review.

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Neuroradiological Mimics of Periventricular Leukomalacia.

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Why do they call chickenpox chickenpox?

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Preventing Home Medication Administration Errors.

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