Full-time Academic Vacancy - Faculty of Medicine - Field Paediatrics

The University of Liège is the biggest French-speaking public university in Belgium. In employs more than 5,700 staff members across four campuses, including 3,600 active teachers and researchers in all fields of the human and social sciences, science and technology, and health sciences. In hosts nearly 27,000 students of
123 different nationalities in one of the most multicultural and dynamic cities in Europe, less than an hour from Brussels and Cologne, two hours from Paris, and three hours from London and Amsterdam.
Actively involved in the social and environmental transition, ULiège supports students to fulfil their roles as responsible citizens (training in sustainable development, Green Office, etc.) and promotes ethical, multidisciplinary and open research. ULiège is committed to the region in which it operates and contributes
towards local socio-economic development. It has developed numerous partnerships, notably with the university hospital. International and united, it participates in the European University of Post-Industrial Cities, UNIC initiative and has one of the most extensive collaborative networks in the world.
ULiège offers attractive career prospects in a high-quality working environment, promoting well-being, diversity and equality of opportunity. Since 2011, ULiège has been proud to display the European Human resources strategy for researchers (HRS4R) label, which reflects its commitment to open, transparent and merit-based procedures. In addition, it recognises the quality and diversity of research in line with the recommendations of the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA). ULiège encourages its academic staff to travel internationally and welcomes international researchers through its EURAXESS centre.