General information

Dear parents, dear colleagues,

The Belgian Association of Paediatrics - Société Belge de Pédiatrie (BVK-SBP) is a venerable lady who can boast of a long tradition. According to the archives, it was founded in 1923 with the aim of bringing together doctors working on all aspects of child health. We are first and foremost a scientific association that looks after all medical and social aspects of the child, the adolescent and their families. Almost 100 years later, this mission remains particularly relevant for our association. A membership of all established paediatricians and every assistant in paediatric training can further optimise and modernise the further development and image of our association. Through several initiatives, we remain the most important scientific mouthpiece on a national level, not only for our own discipline, but also for other professionals and care providers, the government, our patients and their families and the general public.


The Journal of the Belgian Paediatrician is the official journal of the BVK-SBP and has a long tradition. The first volume of Acta Paediatrica Belgica appeared in 1946-47, and after some name changes the Journal got its current form in 2007 as JPB-TBK (Journal du Pédiatre Belge - Journal of the Belgian Paediatrician). In 2016, the design underwent an adaptation and the name was translated into English as "Belgian Journal of PaediatricsBJP, with a new ISSN number. Since 2015 all issues are available electronically on this website. The Journal makes itself available as a forum for home-grown scientific contributions and can be a springboard and support for young scientists and clinicians on their way to the world of international medical literature.

An important role of our Association is to support scientific research in paediatrics: since 2014, annual scientific prizes have been awarded. scientific awards Since 2014, annual scientific prizes have been awarded which alternately either support a project (value 20.000€) or recognise a valuable published work with a prize (value 2 times 10.000€). The regulations of these awards can be found on this website.


Members of our Society have free access to the module Cebam, a digital medical library, which provides full access to very high quality scientific resources, including the "big five" (New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, BMJ, JAMA and Annals of Internal Medicine), the major international paediatric journals (Pediatrics, Journal of Paediatrics, Paediatric Infectious Disease Journal, JAMA Paediatrics, Paediatric Research,...), the Cochrane Library and Guidelines and EBM digital books.


Our website is at the service of Belgian paediatricians and paediatricians' assistants. The site allows you to quickly find all kinds of interesting and fascinating scientific information, but also to receive news about and from the various sections of Belgian paediatrics such as the Belgian Academy of Paediatrics and the Paediatrics College. Furthermore, there are useful links to other associations such as the Flemish Association for Paediatrics (VVK) and the Groupement Belge des Pédiatres Francophones (GBPF)with the Belgian Paediatric Clinical Research Network (BPCRN) and with Child and Family and ONEwith the Belgian Association of Paediatric Surgeons (BELAPS).

We issue a renewed call to all paediatricians, training centres and other target groups to communicate their scientific initiatives via the subspecialtiestraining centres and other target groups to communicate their scientific initiatives via the BVK website. Subspecialty guidelines and opinions, state-of-the-art articles and other specific scientific information can be compiled and disseminated widely through the website.


We strive to be the largest, the easiest and the most attractive forum of and for all Belgian paediatricians and ASOs in paediatrics.