Honorary members of the Belgian Society of Paediatrics

The honorary membership was founded in 2010 by the former President Prof. Dr. José Ramet. Candidates are proposed by the board of the Belgian Society of Paediatrics, and approved by the members of the annual general assembly for their important role and drive in leading our society in the past, their commitment and ability in defending the role of our society in the development, wellbeing and health of the children and their impact in innovating research, in training pediatricians, and all persons involved in caring for children.

List of honorary members

Appointed in 2019
Prof. Dr. Jean-Paul Langhendries
Prof. Dr. Philippe Lepage
Prof. Dr. Jean-Paul Misson

Prof. Dr. R. Eeckels
Prof. Dr. D. Matthys
Dr. D. Barillari


Prof. Dr. José Ramet
Prof. Dr. J-P Buts

Prof. Dr. S. Cadranel
Prof. Dr. P. Casaer

Prof. Dr L. Corbeel

Appointed 2010-2013:
Prof. Dr. P. Evrard
Prof. Dr. P. Malvaux
Prof. Dr. W. Proesmans
Prof. Dr. J. Senterre
Prof. Dr. G. Verellen