Award winners BVK/SBP congress March 2022


BVK/SBP - Best Short Oral Presentation

David Shen et al (UZ Leuven). “Impact of Covid-19 on viral respiratory epidemiology in young children: a single center analysis”

Nestlé - Best Short Oral Presentation

Ilse Coomans et al (UZ Gent). “Recovery kinetics of gas exchange parameters and heart rate after maximal exercise in children with repaired Coarctatio Aortae compared to controls”

BVK/SBP - Best Long Oral Presentation

Julie Fudvoye et al (U Liège). “Placental SRC-2 Methylation and expression profile in affected by prenatal exposure to BPA and BPS in female rats”

Nestlé – Best Long Oral Presentation

Maude Beckers et al (UCL, Saint-Luc). INSENODIAB Study: “Determinants and characteristics of insulin dose requirements in children and adolescent with new-onset type 1 diabetes”

Nestlé - Best Posterwalk

Eva Degraeuwe et al (UZ Gent). “Extensive review of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of ACE-inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers in hypertensive paediatric patients”

Best PhD in 300 sec

Kevin Wendo et al (UCL, Saint-Luc): “Development and validation of a dynamic, scalable and adaptable low-cost 3D-printed upper-limb prosthesis for children from low-resource settings”.

BVK/SBP - Best Belg J Paed Manuscript 2021

Noelia Rodriguez Mier et al (ULB, KUL). “Clinical evolution and disease burden in Belgian cystic fibrosis patients: effect of newborn screening?”

Fondation Mustela - Social Paediatrics Award 2020

Sofie Ryckx (ZNA, Antwerpen). “Multicultural video-education on diabetes mellitus in foreign-language or illiterate patients”.