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Awards and Prices BVK/SBP Congress 2023

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Invasive meningococcal disease and vaccination in Belgium: a critical review of the current vaccination strategy.

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Foreword by the Chairman Dr Marc Raes

Welcome to the to the website of the Belgian Society for Pediatrics.


In 1900 "La Société de Pédiatrie de Belgique" was mentioned for the first time in Le Journal Médical de Bruxelles. Officially, the national sociaty for paediatric paediatrics was founded on 14 January 1923. As a scientific As a scientific organisation, the Belgian Society for Paediatrics (BVK) has been supporting has for more than 100 years supported all those professionally involved in the care of the child and their families. It also helps parents find answers to their questions.

General and subspecialist paediatrics, curative, social as well as preventive medicine, psychosocial and emotional wellbeing of children and adolescents belong to the domain of the the BVK. In cooperation with the various university and regional training centres for paediatrics, other paediatric associations and other medical and paramedical disciplines, congresses, workshops, scientific activities and research projects are supported at a national level. organised, scientific activities, research projects supported and coordinated. The BVK also wants to be the contact and the catalyst for scientific initiatives at an international level.


On this website you will find You will find information on: the organisation and structure of the BVK; congresses, including the annual 2-day congress; the agenda with scientific activities, E-learning, webinars; scientific awards; the Belgian Journal of Paediatrics (Belg J Paediatr), the peer-reviewed official journal of the BVK journal of the BVK; scientific dossiers, guidelines (e.g. HGR), Journal club; brochures for parents; paediatric sub-specialties.


Membership of the BVK offers free access to the module Cebam (, with full access to multiple international general (NEJM, Lancet, BMJ, JAMA, Annals of Internal Medicine) and paediatric (Pediatrics, J Pediatrics, Ped Inf Dis J, JAMA pediatrics, Pediatric Research) journals, as well as the Cochrane Library and EBM digital books.


Dr Marc Raes

Chairman BVK/SBP

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